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Chapter 17: The Final Battle
this isn't really the final battle XD
On the last chapter...All of them reunited and headed to TK, the leader of Kuroya...
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!NiKiShiYa Chapter 17: The Final Battle!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Yami: Let's go then.
Kiku: Where is TK?
Yami: At the roof.
Rukawa: This castle is big... How do we get there?
Yami: Just follow me.
At the rooftop...
???: HAhahahaha! Yami, you thought you can get away with this?!
Yami: TK!
Rukawa: What the hell?!
Yamira: That's your boss?!
Kiku: We're gonna fight that?!
Shiawase: Is she even human?!
Yami: Yes, yes, and yes, before.
Shiawase: Before?! Then why or how did she turned like that!?
Yuna: She's already dead. More like IT is already dead.
Kiku: Yuna!
Nixme: Dead?
Yuna: Yes, dead. She died five years ago. She was poisoned, then crushed into little bits.
Yamira: Then why is she still there?
Yuna: The members including me, revived her.
Rukawa: We have no---
Kiku: R
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Chapter 15: Reunion
yeyness for updateness XDDD
***************-NiKiShiYa Chapter 15: Reunion-***************
On the last chapter Kiku met three familiar people...
Kiku fell on her knees... Her bell fell beside her...

Kiku: Hm?
Familiar person #3: What's up dad?
???: Here, take one for each of you.
Familiar person #2: Why?
???: These will only ring when one of you needs help.
Familiar #1: Like some kind of connection?
???: Yes. Now take one.
Rukawa: We're missing one head.
???: Where's Kiku?
Familiar person #1: Beats me.
???: Rukawa, go get your sister.
Rukawa: Okay. Rukawa left the room
Rukawa: Kiku! Where are you?
Kiku: I'm up here.
Rukawa: What are you doing there?
Kiku: I'm stuck.
Rukawa: How'd you get there anyways?
Kiku: I was practicing teleportation and I ended up here, and I can't get down.
Rukawa: If I go up there I still cant get us both down.
Kiku: You mean I'm stuck up here?!
Rukawa: No. Just jump!
Kiku: You want me to die?!
Rukawa: Just jump! I'll catch
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Chapter 12: Sorry Nixme
im gonna do the chapters all day since I have nothing to do..
On the last chapter... Lady serve water to everybody... but...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`NiKiShiYa Chapter 12: Sorry Nixme`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Right after they drank the water, all of them but Yagima fell asleep
Yagima: Ha. Yagima has an evil smirk on his face (Evil smirk of doom! XD)
At the Kuroya's hideout
Yuna: Hey Kiku, Yamira, Lady, Shiawase, Prince Rukawa, wake up!
Kiku: Hm...What the?! Where are we?!
Yuna: In the Kuroya's hideout!
Kiku: How did we get here?
Yuna: I had a little help with that guy over there.
Lady: Yagima-san!
Yamira: Nixme is there too!
Yuna: This will get interesting soon.
Rukawa: ...?
Yagima and Nixme woke up...
At the moment Yagima woke up, he took his sword and attacked Nixme.

Shiawase: Nixme! Fight back!
Yuna: Be quiet, your spoiling the fun. Yuna took an electrical whip and attacked Shiawase
Shiawase: Ha! I'm not affected!
Yuna: Hmph.
Nixme: I....I can't...I d
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my id... by reaper-poring my id... :iconreaper-poring:reaper-poring 0 24
Chapter 10: The Battle
wooo update....
---------------=NiKiShiYa Chapter 10: The Battle=---------------
On the last chapter... The Government attacked...
Shiawase: We're surrounded!
Yamira: There are more coming.
Shiawase: What?! You mean there are more?!
Yamira: Yes.
Shiawase: You don't look like your worried!
Yamira: ...
Yagima: Bowling Bash! (hehehe I know you know where I got this....I disclaim it orayt?)
Shiawase: Jupitel Thunder!! ( I disclaim it...)
Nixme: Summon! Dead Gunners! (ooh im so scared)
Yamira: Kiku! Look up!
Kiku: Rising Blade! (that sounds gay)
Yamira: guys! guard Rukawa! Yuna will try to kidnap him!
Shiawase: Ice Wall! (I disclaim again...)
(I have made many many many edits in my story...I'll explain later)
Lady: Ooh it's been a long time I havn't punched anybody.
Yamira: Protect! Shiawase! You know what to do!
(woo here comes the....)
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Chapter 9: Prince to Emperor
I really need help with the name of the world thing... any suggestions?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NiKiShiYa Chapter 9: A Prince turned to an Emperor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On the last chapter... Nixme bumped into Yagima-san... A knight (Not in shining armor XD)helping the Emperor...
Lady: Nixme.
Nixme: ...
Lady: Nixme!
Nixme: ...oh uh sorry!
Lady: Ooh someones blushing!
Nixme: No I'm not!
Lady: Have a thing for him?
Nixme: Let's go! They're waiting for us!
Lady: Yeah yeah (changing the subject eh?)
At the room when everyone was eating... Nixme and Lady saw something...unusual...
Yagima: Sir! Sorry I'm late.
Emperor: No harm done. We have a very special guest.
Yagima: Hm? Oh Prince Rukawa!
Yagima starts to bow to Rukawa...
Rukawa: Uh... What are you doing? Even though I'm
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Chapter 7: Chris
At last i updated again....
On the last chapter... Rukawa told his story....
---------------||NiKiShiYa Chapter 7: Chris||---------------
The next day......
Nixme: Yamira! Shiawase! Kiku! Rukawa! Wake up! We have to go to the Emperor!
Rukawa: That's prince Rukawa to you!
Nixme: Whatever just get ready.
All of them rushed on eating and dressing up
Kiku: Man I love this shower! Its about time I get to have a long hot-shower.
Rukawa: Kiku! Hurry up!
Kiku: No way! I like the shower! It's so~ hot! Literally!
Rukawa: Just hurry up dammit!
Kiku: There! I'm done! Rukawa?
Kiku: Stop sitting around and hurry up!
Rukawa: How did you? EH!? Never mind....
While they were walking...they saw....
Helpless man: I...I'm sorry!
Someone familiar: Hmph! You bumped into us! And now your blaming us too?!
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Chapter 5: The Spy
On the last chapter.....Kiku saw his brother, Rukawa....
Inside Yamira's House....
Kiku: (The moment he wakes up, I'll punch him again.)
Rukawa starts to wake up...
Rukawa: huh?
Kiku: WHY!? Kiku then punched Rukawa on the stomach
Rukawa: oof.. What was that for!?
Kiku: Hmph! For leaving me without saying anything!
Rukawa: Like you care!
Kiku: Yeah I do!
Rukawa: Right said in a sarcastic way
Kiku: Don't you dare use a sarcastic voice to me! Kiku punched Rukawa...again...
Rukawa: If you want to know why I left you, then stop punching me dammit!
Kiku: Fi--
Rukawa: And feed me! I'm not super human that never gets hungry you know!
Kiku sweat dropped
Outside Yamira's House
???: Where did you hide him?!
Inside Yamira's House
Kiku: !!! That voice!
Kiku rushed outside...
and she saw someone very familiar...

Outside Yamira's House
Kiku: Yu.....Yuna!?
Yuna: First the prince next is you! I should get a huge promotion by now!
Nixme: You know her?
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Chapter 4: Rukawa bored.....ph33r meh mighty :| of d00m...bare with my awful grammar and spelling
On the last chapter..... Kiku told her story and met Nixme....a sorcerer who specializes on summoning....
Kiku: .....How did you know?
Yamira: Know what?
Kiku: That Rukawa is my brother.
Shiawase: because she's psychic.
Kiku: So you know what I will say when I said my story!?
Yamira: Pretty much.
Kiku: ....
Nixme: So,
Kiku: So what?
Nixme: So where's Rukawa? I mean you're his sister so you should probably know where he is right?
Kiku: Long story..... Why are you looking for him anyways?
Shiawase: She was ordered by the Emperor to find him.
A loud crashing and gunshots was heard near Yamira's house....
The four of them went out to see what was going on.....
They saw many people chasing and shooting after a guy....
Kiku saw this guy..... He was wearing a coat...... just like hers....filled with weapons.....

Kiku: ....Ru..Rukawa!?
The guy stopped infront of Kiku....the
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Chapter 3: Nixme Arrives
I try To make it longer this time
On the last chapter.......Kiku saved two girls while travelling at night
At Yamira's House
Yamira: We're here.
Kiku: (Nice place.....) What are you staring at Shiawase?
Shiawase: So
Kiku: So what?
Shiawase: So what's the story?
Kiku: Story?
Yamira: You stay here, tell us why.
Kiku: Why what?
Shiawase: Why are you wondering around.
Yamira: And tell us more about your last name.
Kiku: Right........
Kiku: my last name is Rocha.....One day a new member came to the clan, but she was a spy.
Yamira: A spy? Who does she/he work for?
Kiku: The Government.
Shiawase: Does the Government wants to put you out of buisness?
Kiku: Yes.
Shiawase: Why?
Kiku: ....We..really don't know.
Yamira: Ookay, on to the story.
Kiku: That spy told the Government where our hideout is.
Shiawase: Where is your hideout?
Kiku: Far, far away from here.
Yamira: Can you tell us how is it build?
Kiku: It's underground.
Yamira: Cool!
Kiku: Whatever. The day came the Gov
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Chapter 2 I'm Kiku
When Kiku was left alone she wanders around at night wearing her battle gear and the family's traditional coat with hood...Then she saw gangsters with swords and knives surrounding two girls, armless to be exact...The leader has a katana,and used it to attack one of the girls, but Kiku quickly blocked the attack with her dagger and her coat swinging back and forth but her face is not visible....
Kiku:You shouldn't be around walking at night without any protection, and as for you guys you shouldn't attack people who are defenseless!
The leader put more strength on the sword making Kiku jump backward, then Kiku gave two guns to the girls, after that she used a move that made her disapper, she poofed with the leader as hostage...
Kiku: I'll kill you if I see you do this again!
The leader: Sure! just please! spare me!
Kiku let go off the leader and kicked him while the two girls shooting the other guys feet
???: Thanks!
Kiku: No problem!
???: I'm Yamira, Yamira Allerve
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Chapter 1 Destiny
In the old days, there was a clan called Rocha(meh last name)
They were known because of assasination attempts....They were wanted for a very long time.......Then one day.... a new member came, but no one knew she was a spy......then the day came the government attacked their hide out.......the clan was destroyed.......but there were five survivors.....three boys and two grils.....Kiku, the youngest at the same time the princess......Rukawa, the prince.....Ayame the deadly assasin........Rikimaru and Rikimura the Twins of Doom.......all five of them are brothers and sisters.........but.......
The invasion
Rikimaru: Hurry up! We have to escape fast!
Ayame: Kiku!
Kiku: I'm still here y'know!
Ayame: have you practiced the teleport?
Kiku: Of course.
Rikimaru: Good now let's poof out of here!
Government Guard: There they are! Get them!
Rikimura: let's go!
They poof out of their hideout and ran as fast as they could
Outside the Rocha Clan hideout
Rukawa: Anyone h
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Poring's Revenge
One day...There was a novice exploring the Prontera fields.....Then he saw a Poring and attacked it....He attacked with all his might but he died......The novice got mad....He planned revenge on the cute Poring...He saw the poring that killed him a while ago.....The poring was looting a worthless jellopy and the novice used it as an advantage.....He attacked the Poring and finally had his revenge......but the Poring's brother, the Drops saw it the Drops is planning reveng on the novice.....
Th drops followed the Novice and while he was attacking a Lunatic.....He attacked the Novice and the Novice died......Now the novice got angry.....but he cried in the streets of Prontera.....a priest saw him and said if he needs help......Then they went to the so called"Poring Heaven"(I am not sure on waht it is really called....but its a place with only porings.....i mean different kinds of porings....whatever..)
While the priest is helping the novice level up.....It was time for the Ang
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Anime Idol 2
Ruroni Kenshin from Samurai X
Yoh and Anna from Shaman King
Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto
Recca from Flame of Recca
Haru Glory, Ellie and Sieghart from Rave the Groove Adventure
And last but not least Genjo Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki
Round One!
First Match: Recca vs. Sieghart Master of Fire vs. the Element Master!
Sieghart: You can give up now before it's too late. You're no match for me!
Recca: Let's see about that!
Event Narrator: Recca kept on attacking Sieghart with fire balls, but Sieghart turned them all to ice before it hits him.
Sieghart: It's no use! Give up now before you get hurt! I didn't even move an inch!
Event Narrator: Recca tried to summon all of the fire dragons but before he can summon the last one he collapsed.
Sieghart: Hmhmhmhm.....Looks like the poison wind I made affected you before you can use you're fire dragons on me.
Event Narrator: That was an amazing match; well.....we all know who won right?
Second Match: Sakura vs. Anna Hot headed fight!
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Oh wow. I totally forgot about this. This place is usually my escape from boredom. Then that must mean I'm not as bored as before... Sweet.

Looking at these previous journals I made, I conclude that I am so glad I am no longer what I am before.

Well anyway, I'm just here because I am bored. I'm supposed to be studying for the finals. But eh, I don't absolutely need to.

Before I forget, Metal Gear Solid 4 is freaking epic. *Slight spoilers* LIQUID HAS AIR GUNS. For serious. He points at you and says *bang* and you get fired by tons of guns. Also, they made Raiden a freaking ninja. For freaking serious man. FOR FREAKING SERIOUS.

What's also taking my forum activity is Ragnarok Online. Yeah, I'm playing it again. Though I'm on a private server called Blackout. I'm most known as Malene.

Lastly, if you're reading this, oh wow.


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